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If you want to save any of these pictures to your hard drive to print them out or use as background or anything else, right click on the picture and "Save image as".

A few new pictures for everyone!

That's my boy!

Preston swimming with Mommy!

Bert is very protective of his new charge!

When Dad mouths off. I shut him up.

Grandma took my picture with her phone...I talk with my hands sometimes.

Preston's first picture, about 3 minutes old.

Preston with Dr. Norton, who helped Josh deliver him.

Kristin and her beautiful baby.

Preston at 18 hours old.

Grandma and Grandpa Adam are very proud.

Bert is no longer the baby of the family, and is very protective of his new little bro. ;)

Daddy and Preston take a nap.

Happy mommy and her beautiful boy.

Preston with Grandpa and Grandma Adam.

After being woken up by Daddy and that dang camera.

Preston asleep on the "Snoopy blanket".

Look at those baby blues!

Preston's first trip onto the star at Texas Stadium, brings the Cowboys to the playoffs.