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Class of 1992 Ten Year Reunion!

Hey class of 1992, we've been out of school for almost 10 years now, and we need to start thinking about our reunion and what we want to do. The first thing to do is make sure we all can be in contact with one another. We're putting together an e-mail list of everyone who has it as that is the easiest and quickest way to get in contact with a large number of people all at once. Please contact:

Chastine at
Erin at
or Josh at

if you haven't already and let them know your e-mail or how to get a hold of you.

Some plans that have been kicked around already, but are all up for discussion are:

Optional golf tournament in the morning...We would play 2 or 4 person have to choose your spouse or SO if you have one. That'll handicap the really good golfers. :)

Noon/Afternoon potluck picnic at a park with kids, games, whatever else...

Evening dinner and drinks...maybe a the Briggs Center possibly.

We haven't really talked much about timeframe, but I'd like to throw June sometime out there for discussion. I have put up a poll on the web page. Please vote here and we can see when works best for the most people.

If you want anything added to this page, or have any comments, or contact info for anyone not listed, drop me an e-mail.


If you use the Brigg's Center the whole place minus the little room where they have congregate meals it cost us $275.00. If you want the bar at the Brigg's Center you have to get a hold of the VFW it will cost $75.00 to set up and I think it's $120.00 per keg! Also we purchased pop from them for those that don't drink. We paid the VFW $245.00. They keep extra kegs on hand in case. If you clean up the VFW you get $125.00 back. We got a hold of Chevy Hank (she cleans it routinely) and hired her for $125.00 to clean, just so we wouldn't have to.

So now we all have some idea of cost. I guess think about making donations, That may be better than charging people X amount, when we're not sure who's coming. I don't know how we'll set that up. Anyone know if we still have a class bank account???

Mark Truitt brought up the idea of possibly renting the country club. He thinks it may be cheaper with cheaper beer too. He's checking on it. More info here soon.


I put a story and an ad in the Wapello Republican asking our classmates and their families to get everyone in contact with myself, Erin, or Chastine so we can collect everyone's contact info. If you see someone on this list who doesn't have any contact info next to them, please let one of us know how to get a hold of them so we can all plan our reunion!
E-mail Addresses we have so far

Steve Beik                      (Hux can contact) Morning Sun
Chastine Black Reynolds
Chris Bryant
Aric Creelman        
Danielle Cross       
Paul Dantuma
Candy Ealy
Clay Elam             
Bobby Erhman         
Kristy Foor
Josh Gerst           
Amy Gieselman        
Jeb Grimm            
Truckie Harbison
Angela Hartman
Joe Havenhill         
Gary Hawkins                    (Hux has phone #) Oakville
Mike Huxley          
Amanda Jackson Ewart 
Audra Kerr Brown     
Regan Lanz           
Matt Mangold                    (have phone #) Wapello
Brad Marshall
Erin McCulley Ziegler
JD McKinney                     moving to California
Miranda McMeins      
April Moore
Tom Murphy            sending error
Stacy Nabor Lloyd              KLLOYD@MACHLINK.COM
Corina Nichols Witte 
Jeannette Nixon
Heather Pallister Darts
Dan Runnells         
Doug Sheetz
Curt Schoonover       sending error
Larry Scoggin
Jay Shafer
Sara Singleton Maddux
Travis Stone         
Lance Talbott        
Deanna Thornburg
Robin Trafton                   (have address) Niota, IL
Mark Truitt          
Robin Veach Grimm    
Kim Whitaker Logan              (have contact info) W. Burlington
Melanie Wilkerson    
Brock Wilson         
Paul Wilson          
Thad Witte           
Alan Woods
Jenny Young            sending error

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